Functions a food processor can perform



One of the most underused and underrated countertop equipment has to be the food processor. I know it’s slightly more expensive as compared to a chopper but considering the benefits it offers I guess it proves to be a bargain.

Wondering what such benefits? Here’s a few ways your food processor is an indispensable part for your kitchen.

Chops anything and everything

One of the reasons the food processor is such a popular appliance is because it can chop pretty much anything you need.

Whether dry ingredients such as nuts and crumbs or whether vegetables for your soup there’s nothing that the processor’s blades can’t handle.

It’s this function of a processor that make it the ideal appliance to prep recipes like a dips, stews etc. especially when needed in large quantities.


Perfect for meats

Veggies and nuts aside one the things that pretty much any chef find hard to chop or grind is meat.

Forget the attachments most equipments offer for it, it’s the food processor that does it best. Its razor sharp blades ensure you get the perfect meat consistency for making cutlets, meatballs etc.

Helps with baking

Find a stand mixer to be too expensive? Well a food processor is the simple answer.

The top end models come with attachments and that can knead and mix with great ease and efficiency that most stand mixers can’t match. Now that you are aware of the benefits here’s a list of the best processors by homeguyd.

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